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On the Road

Keep up to speed with Moving Forward Driving School as we go out on the roads of Sydney! A good way to find out we are doing is to check this page for news and information. Even better, like our Facebook page and receive updates. 

That way, you will find out what it is like being behind the wheel with one of our driving instructors during a lesson. Book up with us and it will be your turn soon!

Driving lessons: Package pricing helps you pass!

One thing every driving instructor knows is a succession of lessons will improve your driving skills.

This is because continuity with the same driving instructor brings you along by refreshing what has been taught and adding new abilities.

To make it easier for you to get the benefit, we are happy to offer a discount when you book a pack of driving lessons with us. So try our 'six-pack' of lessons and find out how they will put you on the road to being a good driver.

They say practise makes perfect and it's certainly true when you are learning to drive. To give you extra time, we offer a 'ten-pack' of lessons to hone your driving skills.

So save money now with our packages...

  • 6 pack = $312 - $52.00 per lesson
  • 10 pack = $500 - $50.00 per lesson

Note: All packages must be paid for in advance. First 10 lessons with a qualified driving instructor counts for 30 logbook hours.

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